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When you are playing word games such as crossword, Wordle, scramble, or Words with Friends, you may need to fill the blank box with words starting with IN. It will be hard for you, especially if you rarely play word games and do not master enough vocabulary.

The word games usually require you to fill the box with 5-letter words that can start with a certain combination of letters, including IN, UN, RE, etc. If you’re playing word games and have to fill them with the 5-letter words starting with IN, you can find them in this post. Okay, let’s check them out!

Here’s a List of 5-Letter Words Starting with IN!




A folder in the email you received; Sending an email to someone


Insert; Implant firmly in something; A formative element that is inserted into a word


A list of names and subjects in a book; A pointer on something; Record; Link of Value or Wages


A way to conceal someone’s true identity


Mark with ink; Sign of a contract


The linen type that was initially used to create the rope


Something unwelcome or unpleasant as a result of someone’s own behaviour


A small anvil-shaped bone in the middle ear


Someone or device which applies ink to an object such as a comic book, artwork, etc.


Something that is taken on or operated on by any system; A place where energy or information enters a system; putting data into a computer


An alloy of iron and nickel with a coefficient of expansion that is typically used in watchmaking and scientific instruments


An estuary


A thing that is not suitable or proper in the circumstances


The two or more people whose arms are linked


A South American hummingbird that has a blackish or bronze plumage with one of two white patches on the chest;


A member of a South American people who were living in the central Andes before the Spanish conquest;


Unskilled; Incompetent


Concluding something from evidence and reasoning; Come to the conclusion: Draw the interference


Information; A message that is received and understood


The lack of ability to do something or strength to move; Chemically inactive


See note; A written document


One of the villages in the Punjab province of Pakistan


A domestic fire or fireplace


A block of gold, silver, steel, or other metal that is typically oblong in shape.


The protruding part of the occipital bone at the base of the skull.


An object or ornament that is created by embedding pieces of a different material in it


A small arm of a lake, a river, or the sea; A place or means of entry; A piece of material that is inserted into a garment


Of land, ground, etc.; Reclaimed; Enclosed


Internal; Something which is situated inside or further in; Mental or spiritual


A concave navel


Isn’t it


Obsolete; Burnt in;


Place or bury it in an urn


Accustom to something unpleasant




A former basic monetary unit of Peru


A corpse in a grave, typically with funeral rites


Information of political or military value


A thing which is put in; Training during term time for teachers in British and South African state schools


An ornamental box with compartments for items such as medicines and seals


Lacking sense or meaning; pointless; empty


Provide with a quality or ability


A large, short-tailed Madagascar lemur


A small independent pop group, record label, and film company


A country in southern Asia that capital of New Delhi


Someone or something which serves as inspiration or motivation


An indentation cuts into the surface of the rock


Understanding; Inward knowledge

Okay, those are some 5-letter words starting with IN that you may need to fill out any word games. Of course, there may still be many 5-letter words starting with IN that we don’t show here.

How Do You Find More 5-Letter Words?

The word games will require you to fill the blank box with the words in accordance with the clue available, either horizontally or vertically (if the game is a crossword). Of course, the letters you have to fill in are available in various numbers, from 3-letter words to 15-letter words.

If you find it hard to complete your word games, you may need to look for more words that may fit into your game. Today, there are so many word finders that allow you to find tons of words that are specifically reserved for word games such as Scrabble (both US and UK), Words With Friends, and Wordle. They usually provide a variety of words that start with a certain letter or a combination of letters.

You can find 5-letter words or more through the following word finders:

  • Word Tips
  • The Free Dictionary
  • Word Finder X
  • Scrabble Word Finder
  • The Word Finder
  • Wordhippo
  • The Word Search
  •  Etc.

Most word finders provide an easy-to-use tool that allows you to find words starting with a certain letter. What you need to do is enter the letters you’re looking for and use the filter to narrow down your search. You can input the starting letters (for example, a, in, un, etc.) and ending letters (for example, n, rt, nt, etc.).

In addition, you can also make a selection of how many letters you’re looking for, such as 5-letter words, 7-letter words, and even 15-letter words. From the filter, you can also select the type of game you’re playing, either Wordle, Crossword, or Scrabble. Well, the words that will appear in your search are only those that might appear in your game.

If you already filled out the options in the filter, you can start to search for the words. The word finder tools will usually show a list of words you’re searching for. To get the correct word, you can check for the definition, which may be the same as the clue available in your word game.

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